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שול פאן משלחתדייגים סינים וורודסינית מסתכלת על הקירמסוקבחק בירגןקופץ בחול

Photography Workshop 2015

.Learn Photography with Asher in "Chez Castillon" in Dordogne, South West France

Photography Workshop - April 2015

Learn Photography with Asher Svidensky in "Chez Castillon", South West France.
(The Yin-Bou fishermen, China)

I'm delighted to announce that I will be running a photography workshop in Dordogne, South West France.
This workshop will be suitable for most levels of photographers Participants we will learn how to operate
their DSLR cameras and will explore the world of photography both as an art and as a profession through a personal look of the "behind the scenes" of my main body of work and the images that the participants will shoot themselves during the week.
The course will cover many aspects of digital photography with documentary style orientation and can be tailored to the individual needs and intrestes of the Participants.

שAll this and more in an amazing opportunity to photograph at the beautiful Chez Castillon and in the 
surrounding area of the River Dordogne in South West France!

(Castillon La Bataille, South of France)
About Chez Castillon:
Chez Castillon is an eighteenth century town house in the beautiful town of Castillon La Bataille, in the South of France. There is nothing better than standing on the first floor balcony as the market traders set up; fat tomatoes piled high next to crusty baguettes, sweet-smelling spices, lavender and linen. For the writer, the painter and most importantly the Photographer the town and its people provide a wealth of creative inspiration.
(Chez Castillon, South of France)
But when the shutters are closed, the outside world is forgotten. A wide hallway runs the full depth of the house, past the salon and the library, the sweeping staircase, the kitchen and the dining room. Step through the wrought-iron gates into a sun-drenched garden filled with camellia, roses and oleander, where the sun glints on the swimming pool and tempts you in.
We all need space in our lives. Freedom from domestic chores, from commitments, from the day-job. Freedom to write, paint, meditate, think, or simply to be still for a while. Freedom to be you. You’ll find that space at Chez Castillon, together with delicious food, good wine, and great company.

So... What are you waiting for?

Course Details

Start Date April 17, 2015
End Date April 23, 2015
Tuor: Asher Svidensky
Price: 895.00£

For booking your place in the workshop and for more inforamtion about the Location, Rooms and other workshops please visit:
(The port city of Montreal, Canada)

About Asher Svidensky:
Asher Svidensky is a freelance documentary photographer and frequent traveler in the Mongolian steppe and north Asia.
He writes and publishes many articles about  the world of documentary photography and the various cultures he has documented. 

Since Asher started his career as a military photographer in 2008 his considerable  body of work has been presented on the BBC and has also been exhibited and published in magazines and newspapers around the world such as National geographic (USA) The Times (UK), Daily Mail, Metro, GEO (Germany& France), AD (Netherlands) and many more.

("Heroes in stories" by Asher Svidensky on TEDxUlaanbaatar )

For booking your place in the workshop and for more inforamtion about the Location, Rooms and other workshops please visit:

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