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שול פאן משלחתדייגים סינים וורודסינית מסתכלת על הקירמסוקבחק בירגןקופץ בחול

Special 2-days event of lectures in the UK!

Hosted by "Quay theatre" in Sudbury, Suffolk.

Special two days of lectures on the art of photography, storytelling and the personal journeys of the renowned young documentary photographer Asher Svidensky. The event will be hosted by "Quay theatre" in Sudbury, Suffolk on the 20th and 21st of February, 2015. 

Asher Will be giving two seperate talks (see below) as well as informal open forums. Those will discuss his personal approach to photography and advice for the aspiring photographer.
"Photographic Journey Through Mongolia"
Seeing Mongolia And China Through The Eyes of A Photographer.
Friday, 20th of February

A facsinating lecture, designed to enhance the skillset of professional and amateaur photographers alike, as well as avid travel lovers. This will be an in-depth look into “Behind the Scenes” of a major documentary project in the heart of Asia.

In this lecture Asher will share his personal experiences, methods of action, and different ways of thinking, which he utilizes in the course of his work. This Process has enabled him to intimately document the various cultures he has encountered, such as the Mongolian Camel Herders of the Gobi Desert and the Kazakh Eagle Hunters of the far west. More importantly, this process has been key in successfully sharing the stories of these cultures through the lense of a camera.
Lastly, Asher will show how a series of events (during a journey he did in Asia in 2013) changed the way he thought and felt about the art of story-telling, photography, and travelling. He will also address the many difficulties and relations which shaped him personally and professionally in a manner resulting in the culmination of his efforts as his first ever photo-project : "The Future Generation of Eagle Hunters" - A project that introduced mongolia's first eagle huntress to the world in over a thousand years.

Tickets: £14.00 (or £25.00 for both talks) start at 7.30pm

"The Recent Work: Look Behind The Lens"
A Personal Glimpse Into The Life of A Photographer.
Saturday, 21st of February

Asher will be  offering a talk on his personal experiences as a young aspiring photographer. Memories of how he was taking his very first steps as a military photographer in 2009, through "behind the lens" stories of his new photo projects such as the Yin-Bou fisherman China; fishermen who use Cormorants in order to fish in the big river. The stories will end with the revealing of his latest photo project in Asia, a secret photo-project will be revealed for the first time at this event.

The lecture is a product of many years of experience as a professional photographer coming to fruition, as Asher will be analyzing and sharing his style of work and thought precess as a photographer/story teller. This lecture will have an open discussion with the audience in order to provide a deeper understanding and provide a more personal sharing experience.​

Tickets: £14.00 (or £25.00 for both talks) start at 7.30pm

About Asher:

Asher Svidensky is a freelance photographer with a life-long passion for the documentary and story-telling world. As a world traveler, his primary focus has been in documenting the wild Mongolian steppe and north Asia regions. 
Along with Asher's love of sharing his work and stories with others, he's also written and published many articles about the world of documentary photography and the various cultures he documented. 
Since the beginning of his career as a military photographer in 2008, Asher's considerable body of work has been exhibited and published in magazines and newspapers around the world such as BBC (TV channel, radio and website) National geographic (USA), The Times (UK), Daily Mail, Metro, GEO (Germany & France), AD (Netherlands) and many more.

The "Quay Theatre" Sudbury, Suffolk.
A Theatre By The River, Now Hosting A Photography Competition!

In the late 1970s, the River Stour Trust restored part of the old basin with the aid of a government-sponsored job creation scheme. At the same time the Sudbury Dramatic Society bought the adjoining derelict the granary warehous that was built in 1791 and converted it into a theatre, through sheer hard work and by following their dream. The Quay Basin was opened for use in 1980 and The Quay officially opened as a theatre 31 years ago.

The Quay theatre of Sudbre, Suffolk is hosting this 2 days event in their great halls, In honour of the event Quay theatre team are running a competition for amateur / semi-professional  digital photographers in Suffolk and the surrounding areas.  All pictures submitted will be initially assessed by a panel comprising a local Press photographer plus  The Quay's Simon Frampton (Film-maker) and Sharon Buckler (Theatre Co-ordinator) before a selection is passed to Asher for final judging.  The overall winner and two runners-up will receive prizes, to be announced by our media sponsors (see below), to include free exhibition space in The Quay Gallery for a 3-week period.  The winning photographs will also be published in the local press (The Mercury and The EADT) and on our website.

There is no theme for this competition so let your imagination run wild!  You can submit up to three pictures and the competition is free to enter.  We would like to see good composition and a strong image; we want natural pictures!

Deadline - 10th February 2015

To submit pictures, please email them in friendly format to:

You must include your name, telephone number and profession with your submission
Please make sure that the title of each picture is also the name of your file.
No pictures will be reproduced in any form without your permission.
Winners will be contacted before  the presentation ceremony following the talk on Saturday 21st February.


For more inforamtion about the event please contact Quay or +44(0)1787 374745.

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