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שול פאן משלחתדייגים סינים וורודסינית מסתכלת על הקירמסוקבחק בירגןקופץ בחול

I'm Not "Shooting" Anyone - TEDxWhiteCity

What if people could speak the same language all around the world?

As some of you may know I was fortunate enough to do another TEDx talk on TEDxWhiteCity stage some time ago and now the talk is online for you guys to watch it!
The talk is about my view and intake on the future of photography as an international language, a language that ultimately will connect us all. Please feel free to share it with your friends and share your thoughts in the comments.

If you want to see the full stories and images of the examples I gave in the talk just check out these links: The Eagle Hunters of Mongolia and The Miao Tribes

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