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My name is Asher Svidensky. I'm a freelance photographer specializing in art and documentary photography with a strong passion for mixing the two with storytelling.

My career began whilst I was conscripted into the military back in 2009 (2009-2012). I was fortunate enough to be able to serve as a photographer. After completing my military service, I picked up a bag, a camera, and followed my dream to be a documentary photographer. Since then my body of work has been published in magazines and newspapers around the world, including the BBC (TV, radio and website), National Geographic (USA), The Guardian (UK), GEO (Germany & France), AD (Netherlands) and many more. I've also had the privilege to do lectures about my work in venues such as Oxford's Natural History Museum (UK) and MGM Hotel (Macau), as well as giving two different TEDx talks on the topics of photography and the art of storytelling.

What kind of camera gear do you use?

I currently use Canon 1D Mark IV with mostly Canon lenses. You will always find the following lenses in my bag: Canon 16-35 mark II f2.8, Canon 50mm f1.4 and a Canon 70-200mm f2.8 is usm mark II.

Can I use one/some of your pictures?

That depends who you are and what for... As a general rule of thumb, if you have advertisements anywhere on your site or if it has any financial or money making aspect to it then the answer is "Not without my permission… please ask me first". also, if you are an individual selling something, a company, corporation, religious or charitable organisation, then the answer is also "Not without my permission… please ask me first" All the images on this site are copyright Asher Svidensky. The rest of you bloggers and internet folk who are doing it just for the love of it: be my guest, have fun with it but while you’re at it, may I ask of you: please, give credit on the images with links back to their source? Thank you :)

If you are still in doubt… just send me a message using the contact on the web site.

Do you undertake speaking engagements?

Yes I do, you can check out a few of my previous lectures on this website's Blog. If you want to coordinate a lecture please send me a message through the contact form.