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'The Next Page' Podcast S1E6

The Next Page Podcast S1E6

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  • One of my very first attempts at starting my career as a professional photographer was actually through applying to become a staff photographer for a few different news agencies in Jerusalem - and for better or worse, I wasn't accepted. Many years later, while I developed a career as a professional travel and cultural photographer, I always wondered what would have happened if I had been accepted to one of the news agencies all these years ago. How would I cope with the lifestyle, pressure, and extreme challenges photojournalists face every day?

    Therefore, in this 6th installment of 'The Next Page' podcast, I wanted to learn more about the world of photojournalism. I was honored to sit down with the incredible photographer and person - Heidi Levine. She is a renowned photojournalist who has been working on different conflicts, wars, and powerful human stories in the Middle East since the '80s. Please join us for a conversation about what it takes to work as a photographer in the roughest parts and times of the Middle East, what it means to navigate your way through conflict zones, and how can one face the challenges of finding a balance between 'personal life' and the demanding lifestyle of a photojournalist.

    “The Next Page” podcast will be a seasonal series, made out of 7 episodes each, that will be shared online for free. The podcast will present a series of conversations with a variety of leading creators from the world of photography. We will go deep into the core of what inspires and what pushes working photographers to create unique work and stand out in today’s highly competitive market. Bringing to light topics that are worth listening to by both aspiring and professional photographers alike.

    About - Heidi Levine

    Heidi Levine is an American freelance photojournalist based in Israel. She has worked as a professional photojournalist since 1983, starting as a staffer with the Associated Press in Israel, then with French photo agency Sipa Press in 1993. Over the course of her photojournalism career, Levine has covered some of the most critical moments in the Middle East recent history including the revolutions in Egypt and Libya, the crisis in Syria, the Israel-Lebanon war, and the numerous conflicts in the Gaza Strip.

    Through her photography, Heidi has brought the frontline action and behind-the-scenes human stories to the world’s major press outlets. Her photographs have appeared, often as cover stories, in numerous international publications including Time, Stern, Focus, Paris Match, L’Express, Newsweek, Time, The New York Times Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine, Amnesty International, Forbes Magazine, and more.

She has won a myriad of awards for her photographs of conflicts and an Emmy nomination in 2012 and the Inaugural Winner of The Anja Niedringhaus Photojournalism Award for her work during the war between Israel and the Hamas -controlled Gaza Strip during the war in 2014.

    Holy Mary 2

    Check out Heidi's commercial and artistic work on his official Website and Instagram.

    Final Words...

    I truly hope you enjoyed this podcast and our conversation. Before you leave this blog - I would love to ask you for a favor... I started this blog series under the belief that 'knowledge should be shared' therefore my request from you is simple - pass it forward and share these tips with someone who you think would appreciate it. 

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    • Heidi Levine

      Heidi Levine

      Comment Link Saturday, 11 April 2020 20:58

      Asher thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of sharing my experiences of working as a photojournalist . I am normally scared about public speaking but I really appreciated how you put me at ease and felt it was one of the most open and honest interviews I have ever done about my work . I hope this podcast gives some deeper understanding about not just about me and my own work but about others in the industry that are so committed to trying to make a difference .

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