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The Next Page' Podcast S1E5

The Next Page Podcast S1E5

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  • As we head into the last 3 episodes of this season of 'The Next Page' podcast, I wanted to do something slightly different. All of my work as a photographer has dealt with human experience and unique cultures from around the world. Therefore, I was extremely excited to sit down and talk with one of my favorite wildlife photographers, Amos Nachoum — a 'bigger than life' veteran photographer who still spends most of his time either underwater or at the edges of our world looking for his next great image.

    Please enjoy the 5th installment of “The Next Page” as I sit down with the amazing Amos Nachoum for a conversation about free diving with great white sharks, how to find your own voice as a photographer, and why being a “professional photographer” isn't necessarily something you should aspire to be.

    “The Next Page” podcast will be a seasonal series, made out of 7 episodes each, that will be shared online for free. The podcast will present a series of conversations with a variety of leading creators from the world of photography. We will go deep into the core of what inspires and what pushes working photographers to create unique work and stand out in today’s highly competitive market. Bringing to light topics that are worth listening to by both aspiring and professional photographers alike.

    About - Amos Nachoum

    Amos Nachoum is a world-renowned wildlife photographer who has dedicated his life to documenting the behavior of endangered big animals. Since 1980, he has explored every significant body of water from the North Pole to Antarctica. He often free-dives with blue whales, goes face-to-face with great white sharks, and scuba dives with crocodiles. Amos’ photographic mission is to raise awareness, respect, and compassion for threatened ocean giants. Through his photographs, he strives to dispel the myth that they are “dangerous monsters” and show harmonious interactions between man and wildlife.

    Amos’ images and photo-essays have appeared in publications including National Geographic, Time, Life, and The New York Times, among many others. He is a two-time winner of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award in the “Animal Behavioral” category. In 2012 he placed first in the American Photography Artist competition, and in 2018, he won first place in the “Animal Behavior” category at the SIPA awards. In recent years, Yonatan Nir (who has also appeared on this podcast) produced a documentary about Amos' life's work called 'Picture of His Life' — Check out the trailer, below.

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    Check out Amos's commercial and artistic work on his official WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.

    Final Words...

    I truly hope you enjoyed this podcast and our conversation. Before you leave this blog - I would love to ask you for a favor... I started this blog series under the belief that 'knowledge should be shared' therefore my request from you is simple - pass it forward and share these tips with someone who you think would appreciate it. 

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