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'The Next Page' Podcast S1E4

The Next Page Podcast S1E4

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  • Developing 'The Next Page' podcast has been a real eye-opener for me. The opportunity to speak with talented professionals from the world of photography has taught me way more than I expected. In a way, I feel like a university student who is learning from his professors. Therefore, as we reach the halfway point of this 7-episode podcast series, it seems fitting to talk with a photographer who has gone through the complicated process of acquiring a Master's degree in the art of photography - hoping to learn even more about the art from his experiences.

    Please enjoy the fourth installment of “The Next Page” as I sit down with the amazing Eyal Granit for a conversation about topics like: Should you find a specific niche for yourself? What can an image say? And the big question of... Should you go to a university to study photography?

    “The Next Page” podcast will be a seasonal series, made out of 7 episodes each, that will be shared online for free. The podcast will present a series of conversations with a variety of leading creators from the world of photography. We will go deep into the core of what inspires and what pushes working photographers to create unique work and stand out in today’s highly competitive market. Bringing to light topics which are worth listening to by both aspiring and professional photographers alike.

    About - Eyal Granit

    Eyal Granit is a freelance photographer based in Israel. His journey into the world of photography started as a young kid and his career developed as he photographed and lived in several cities around the world, among them are Jerusalem, Berlin and Madrid in which he completed his Masters in the Art of Photography back in 2006.

    In his work, Eyal Granit combines both commercial and art photography. Adopting his different styles in correlation with the topic of his inspiration and / or clients. He is always looking for the next great image and constantly pushing to make sure his next work will be better than the last.


    Check out Eyal's commercial and artistic work on his official WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.

    Final Words...

    I truly hope you enjoyed this podcast and our conversation. Before you leave this blog - I would love to ask you for a favor... I started this blog series under the belief that 'knowledge should be shared' therefore my request from you is simple - pass it forward and share these tips with someone who you think would appreciate it. 

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