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'The Next Page' Podcast S1E2

The Next Page Podcast S1E2

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  • When I was a kid I wanted to be many things: Firefighter, Explorer and even a Veterinarian... But there was one profession that really stood out for me and I keep it on my personal 'wish list' even till today - Movie Director. Whether it is through documentary or scripted films, few occupations grant the same level of creative freedom as movie directors have to present stories. Allowing them to reach thousands of people all around the world from the magical screens of the cinema.

    Sitting down for this second episode of my new podcast 'The Next Page' I sat down with a good friend, and remarkable individual, Yonatan Nir who has been a movie director for over a decade. Feel free to join us for a conversation that revolves around storytelling, working with people in tough situations, finding your own calling and most importantly - learning how to ask for help. So let's dive right into it, please enjoy the new episode of “The Next Page” podcast with the amazing director Yonatan Nir and yours truly Asher Svidensky :)

    “The Next Page” podcast will be a seasonal series, made out of 7 episodes each, that will be shared online for free. The podcast will present a series of conversations with a variety of leading creators from the world of photography. We will go deep into the core of what inspires and what pushes working photographers to create unique work and stand out in today’s highly competitive market. Bringing to light topics which are worth listening to by both aspiring and professional photographers alike.

    About - Yonatan Nir

    Yonatan Nir is a multi-award-winning documentary filmmaker, whose films have been seen all around the world. Born in a small kibbutz in northern Israel, he developed his passion for nature and adventure. After completing his military service in an elite commando unit, Yonatan embarked on a seven-year journey around the world. It was during this time that he began contributing to many leading national and international newspapers and magazines as both a writer and photographer.

    In 2009, Nir received the prestigious "Asian Geographic Best of the Decade Award" for his work in photojournalism. His debut documentary film Dolphin Boy (2011), co-produced with ARTE and Channel 4, has been broadcast in more than Thirty countries and screened at over 150 film festivals worldwide. His films won awards in festivals such as the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Doc Edge Film Festival, Entre 2 Marches - Cannes Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, Millennium Film Festival, World Festival for Underwater Images, and many more, and were nominated for the International Green Film Awards, Mind Media Awards and the Israeli Academy Awards.

    His latest film, which he mentioned in the podcast is a France Television NDR/ARD co-production. It was shot in the Canadian High Arctic and features a wildlife photographer's attempt to swim with polar bears. The film's TV version has been aired on primetime in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Japan. Its theatrical version Picture of His Life by executive producer Nancy Spielberg was the Opening night film of DocAviv 2019 and will open the San Fransisco Jewish Film Festival next month.

    On top of being a well-established director, Nir is a highly sought-after speaker, who addresses thousands of people worldwide every month about storytelling as a tool for rehabilitation, empowerment, and personal growth. In 2017 he spoke at the United Nations about his film "The Essential Link - The Story of Wilfrid Israel". Yonatan is currently working on two new high-end feature-length documentaries with Andy Byatt, director/producer of The Blue Planet and Planet Earth.

    You can learn much more about Yonatan's work and movies on his Website, Instagram, Vimeo and Facebook.

    Final Words...

    I truly hope you enjoyed this podcast and our conversation. Before you leave this blog - I would love to ask you for a favor... I started this blog series under the belief that 'knowledge should be shared' therefore my request from you is simple - pass it forward and share these tips with someone who you think would appreciate it. 

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      תודה אשר על כל השפע הזה - לומדת ממך. כל טוב והצלחה בדרכך המיוחדת!!!
      יפה כפיר, כפר תבור

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