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'The Next Page' Podcast S1E1

The Next Page Podcast S1E1

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  • I’m very excited to share with you the first episode of my new podcast “The Next Page”. The whole idea for this podcast came about a few weeks ago when I sat down for a cup of coffee with a good friend of mine - Lior Sperandeo (you can see more about him below). Since we’re both freelance photographers, our conversation naturally started to revolve around the different projects we were working on, the behind the scenes stories and the various challenges we both had to overcome during our adventures.

    After our meeting, I realized that the topics we discussed were great insights into the harsh but beautiful reality of freelance photographers today. A conversation I truly wished I could have listened to 10 years ago when I first started my own path as a photographer. Out of my desire to share this information with you, the idea of creating a series of podcasts was born.

    “The Next Page” podcast will be a seasonal series, made out of 7 episodes each, that will be shared online for free. The podcast will present a series of conversations with a variety of leading creators from the world of photography. We will go deep into the core of what inspires and what pushes working photographers to create unique work and stand out in today’s highly competitive market. Bringing to light topics which are worth listening to by both aspiring and professional photographers alike.

    So without further a due, enjoy the very first episode of “The Next Page” podcast with the amazing videographer Lior Sperandeo and yours truly Asher Svidensky :)

    About - Lior Sperandeo

    Lior Sperandeo is an Emmy Award-nominated Cinematographer from Tel Aviv. He started his career as a News Cameraman covering Jerusalem & the Middle East, and later shifted to the documentary world. In his latest project “PeopleOf,” Lior highlights different human and social struggles around the world, creating a tool and voice for muted populations through his camera.

    You should definitely check out Lior's work on his Website, Instagram, Vimeo and Facebook.

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    Final Words...

    I truly hope you enjoyed this podcast and our conversation. Before you leave this blog - I would love to ask you for a favor... I started this blog series under the belief that 'knowledge should be shared' therefore my request from you is simple - pass it forward and share these tips with someone who you think would appreciate it. 

    Simply click on one of the share buttons below to allow your friends to check out this podcast or many of the other photography projects, tips and blog posts I put on my website - Thanks!

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