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The Search Continues...

North Amazon, Ecuador

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    Originally, I was hoping to find a story for my project in the northern part of the Ecuadorian Amazons but as things developed it seems like my journey will lead me elsewhere... 

    The shaman who hosted us in the Cofan community is named Don- Ruffino; he comes from a long line of Shamans but he is the only one of his brothers that followed the path and inherited the ancient art with all its responsibilities.

    IMG 9912

    He told me that his interest in Shamanism began when he was 8 years old; Despite being ordered to stay away, he kept sneaking out of the house at night and witnessed his father and grandfather practicing the ancient rituals while hiding in the bushes. When he came of age his father recognized his determination and passed to him the jungle's knowledge. 

    IMG 9655

    Until not too long ago Shamans used to be the leaders of their communities, leading hunting endeavors and when needed - healing illnesses.

    But, like many places around the world, times have changed.

    Today, most kids stay away from this art, their parents encourage them to pursue western education, which often contradicts with the ideas and teachings of Shamanism itself. Due to these circumstances, Don Ruffino could not find a successor for his tradition. In our talks he confessed wishing for a worthy apprentice to present himself or herself. 

    IMG 8829

    So.... what's next? As I mentioned in the vlog, it seems that our journey is leading us to the south of the amazonas, perhaps in that region I'll find the story I'm after. 

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