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The Full Story Behind The Eagle huntress Image

Pro Photography Tip & Tricks

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  • Sub Title Published on Feb 18, 2017
  • Description About two weeks ago, I asked you guys on social media to vote for your favorite image so I could make a full video showing you the entire creative process behind one of my most powerful images... So yeah. Enjoy.
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Two lighting conditions that will make your images stand out

Pro Photography Tips & Tricks

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  • Sub Title Published on Jan 19, 2017
  • Description Photographing 74 year old Master silversmith Li-Gong, and his 13 year old granddaughter, Li-Ley-Ling, wasn't easy. The silver workshop was dark, lit only by a small window and the television set. But sneaking in some 'fill light' from an LED light and trying really hard not to move the camera too much, we managed to get some beautiful images that I'm pretty pleased with.
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Free Ebook: Making A Photo Story

7 Tips For Making Better Photography Projects

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  • Description In this E-book you will find seven simple and useful tips that will improve your ability to produce these photo stories and make your work even more relevant in today’s highly competitive documentary photography market. More importantly, following these practical steps will help you on your way to having your images published.
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